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The Creature Below (2016):

A young scientist discovers a malevolent entity which sets her on a bloody descent into the jaws of insanity.

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Abduct (2016):

A Texan paranormal radio host attempts to protect a young orphan woman from an onslaught of deadly alien and psychic phenomena, only to discover the world of the paranormal might be far more sinister and cohesive.

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96 Souls (2016):

A university research scientist, about to lose funding and status, has a lab accident and discovers he can see peoples true intentions -- making his situation even worse.

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Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Wildlands: War Within the Cartel (2017):

The Santa Blanca cartel, led by the tattoo-faced kingpin El Sueno, has transformed Bolivia into a narco-state. Opening with an unexpected attack on the cartel, the story follows El Sueño ...

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MindGamers (2015):

Students at a quantum academy attempt to create a collective consciousness, only to discover that they themselves are part of a greater experiment.

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Nightmare Code (2014):

After a programmer working on a top secret surveillance program snaps in a murderous rage, a notorious code wizard with problems of his own moves into the startup offices to figure out what...

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The Northlander (2016):

In the year 2961, the time is after humanity and nature has recovered the land. A hunter named Cygnus is called to protect his people. He travels across a desert valley to protect his tribe against a band of Heretics.

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The Lost Future (2010):

A group of post-apocalyptic survivors, struggle to survive in a world where jungles and forests and primeval wetlands and deserts have obliterated civilization.

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Age of the Dragons (2011):

Herman Melvilles classic novel Moby Dick, is recreated in a world where Captain Ahab and his crew search for a Great White Dragon.

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Dam999 (2011):

After many years two mariners return to homeland with the hope of a new beginning, little did they know about a disaster that would change their destiny.

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