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The Day Will Come (2016):

Der kommer en dag is a movie about an orphanage where violence and humiliations is a part of the everyday life. The history is based on real stories from a boy home called godhavn, ...

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Last Night (2010):

The story follows a married couple, apart for a night while the husband takes a business trip with a colleague to whom hes attracted. While hes resisting temptation, his wife encounters her past love.

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California Dreams (2015):

Four women try to achieve Hollywood recognition despite the setbacks of life.

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Just a Sigh (2013) :

Alix and Doug were not supposed to meet,but they did.Alix was on a train bound for Paris where she was going to audition for a film,having just left Calais where she had performed in an ...

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The Lady Vanishes (2013) :

While traveling by train, a young socialite is befriended by a charming yet enigmatic older woman; however, when the woman disappears, the other passengers deny she ever existed.

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Sticky Notes (2016):

A story about love and loss. And maybe one day - love again.

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Moka (2016):

A grieving woman pursues a couple whom she suspects of killing her son in a hit-and-run.

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The Ticket (2016):

A blind man who regains his vision finds himself becoming metaphorically blinded by his obsession for the superficial.

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Foxcatcher (2014) :

The greatest Olympic Wrestling Champion brother team joins Team Foxcatcher lead by multimillionaire sponsor John E. du Pont as they train for the 1988 games in Seoul - a union that leads to unlikely circumstances.

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The Founder (2016):

The story of Ray Kroc, a salesman who turned two brothers innovative fast food eatery, McDonalds, into one of the biggest restaurant businesses in the world with a combination of ambition, persistence, and ruthlessness.

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