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Seed (2017):

Fourteen teams of hackers. Three minutes to pitch. One shot to fund their dreams. Immerse yourself in Angelhack, one of most competitive global hackathons.

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Welcome to fabulous Vegas (2012):

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Revolution (2012):

Filmmaker Rob Stewart advances the theory that though humans depend on the natural world for subsistence, humans are natures greatest enemy.

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Waiting for Immortality (2016):

Long a dream, the quest for immortality has shifted from the metaphysical to the technical and the scientific. With cryonics technology improving, human cloning, mind uploading and digital ...

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The Lost Arcade (2015):

The story of Chinatown Fair, the legendary arcade located in the heart of New Yorks Chinatown. This documentary explores how the arcade became a shelter to a community as diverse as the ...

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Los Punks: We Are All We Have (2016):

Los Punks: We Are All We Have is an intimate documentary about the teens and young adults who find meaning in the thriving punk rock scene in the backyards of South Central and East Los Angeles.

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True Legends: The Unholy See The Vatican Knows All The Secrets (2016):

Are the forbidden secrets of the prehistoric past linked to the forthcoming events of the prophetic future? Is there a hidden hand confiscating and concealing artifacts relating to the world before the Flood of Noah ...

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True Legends: Technology of the Fallen (2015):

Join Timothy Alberino and the GenSix Productions film crew as they head to the High Andean Plain of Peru and Bolivia on the shores of legendary Lake Titicaca in search of evidence of the Watchers, their giant offspring ...

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Pearl Harbor: The Accused (2016):

As well as marking the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbour, this documentary will reveal the untold story behind the failure to stop the Japanese attack.

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Rock and a Hard Place (2017):

A look at the Miami-Dade County Corrections and Rehabilitation Boot Camp Program, which allows young inmates undergo a strict 4 month course in order to learn from their past mistakes and make a better future for themselves.

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