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The Creeping Garden (2014):

The Creeping Garden is a feature length documentary exploring the work of fringe scientists, mycologists and artists, and their relationship with the extraordinary plasmodial slime mould.

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Notfilm (2015):

A documentary inquiry into the strange but true collaboration of Samuel Beckett and Buster Keaton.

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Beyond Clueless (2014):

Beyond Clueless is a dizzying journey into the mind, body and soul of the teen movie, as seen through the eyes of over 200 modern coming-of-age classics.

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Bayou Maharajah (2013):

Bayou Maharajah explores the life and music of New Orleans piano legend James Booker, the man Dr. John described as the best black, gay, one-eyed junkie piano genius New Orleans has ever ...

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The Milky Way (2014):

The Milky Way is a groundbreaking breastfeeding documentary that will change the face of American motherhood. What Food, Inc. did for the food industry in America, this film will do for ...

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Sneakerheadz (2015):

An in-depth look into the exploding subculture of sneaker collecting and the widespread influence it has had on popular culture around the world.

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My Transgender Kid (2015):

Follow two ordinary British families as they attempt to navigate the extraordinary challenges of having a 7 year old child who was born the wrong gender. The parents are faced with ...

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A Grand Night In: The Story of Aardman (2015):

The history of Aardman Animations Studios, the acclaimed British stop-motion animation studio.

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Growing Up Coy (2016):

A Colorado family is thrust into the international media spotlight when they fight for the rights of their 6-year-old transgender daughter in a landmark civil rights case.

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My Online Bride (2014):

From Bangkok to Ukraine, this documentary follows British men as they head abroad in search of a wife.

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