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Whispers (2015):

A young couple grieving the recent death of their daughter move to the countryside where they are haunted by their tragedy and a sinister darkness.

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Lake on Fire aka Conspiracy Theory (2016):

While filming in southern Nevada, a television crew discovers a terrifying truth lurking beneath the waters of Lake Mead.

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Lady Bug (2017):

A chemically dependent woman loses control of her life. Willing to do anything to get to her children in a far off city. She stows away on a private boat only to find herself face to face with a homicidal maniac.

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The Anniversary aka Run, Hide, Die (2012):

Five girls, one secret. Revenge stalks them in the night.

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Marianne (2011):

After the death of his beloved wife a man begins to fall apart mentally, having dreadful nightmares and finding his family and career affected. As time goes on, he begins to rapidly slip away.

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Friends of Mine (2013):

Friends of Mine is a feature length documentary that chronicles the experiences of several young men who take part in a summer camp for the developmentally disabled population. The goal of ...

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Children Without Parents (2013):

How four siblings cope with the untimely passing of their father.

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Euphonia (2013):

The film follows the story of a high schooler, played by Maddens younger brother Will, who purchases a sound recording device in search of better sounds in his life, and slowly becomes ...

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Up the River (2015):

Away from the city for the weekend, Rebecca must choose between her fiance, Thomas, and his best friend, Willy.

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The International Sign for Choking (2011):

A would-be expatriate from the US takes his second stab at life in Buenos Aires. Watch as he drifts between halfhearted attempts at work, a feeble romance with his fellow N. American housemate ...

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