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The Devil's Dominoes (2007):

On their way to a weekend hunting trip in the Ozarks, four friends get in to a car accident, killing the driver of the other car.

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The All Together (2007):

Martin Freeman plays Chris, a frustrated TV producer who is forced to leave his unreliable flatmate...

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Stargate Atlantis S05E08 The Queen:

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My Friends Tigger & Pooh's Friendly Tails (2008):

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Fuego (2007):

The daughter of the American Ambassador to Spain has been kidnapped. There is only one man who can save her.

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It Ain't Easy Being Sleazy (2008):

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The Pacific and Eddy (2007):

In the wake of a sudden loss, Eddy unexpectedly skips town leaving his friends to mourn for him.

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Planet Raptor: Raptor Island 2 (2007):

Year 2066: The raptors are not extinct and they proliferated in the quatres corners of the galaxy, leaving a very little place for humans.

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All About Us (2007):

Two Hollywood filmmakers attempt to find Morgan Freeman in Mississippi and convince him to star in their next movie. When life gets in their way they soon discover what matters to them most.

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Kings (2007):

A group of men reunite for a friend's funeral.

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