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Ride the Thunder (2015):

A look at Vietnam from the perspectives of a U.S. Marine adviser, and a Vietnamese Marine who was left behind.

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Obey Giant (2017):

A film profiling the life and work of artist Shepard Fairey, going deep into the world of street art and its role in politics and pop culture. Obey Giant follows Faireys rise from his roots in punk rock ...

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Gilbert (2017):

GILBERT is a wildly funny and unexpectedly poignant portrait of the life and career of one of comedys most iconic figures, Gilbert Gottfried.

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Death on Scenic Drive (2017):

A young woman named Larissa (Stephanie Ash), encounters an entity that transforms her into death itself, and reins a violent storm against Dallas Henson (Ry Barrett) and the family that resides there.

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Saving Capitalism (2017):

SAVING CAPITALISM is a documentary film that follows former Secretary of Labor and Professor, Robert Reich, as he takes his book and his views to the heart of conservative America to speak ...

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The Christmas Calendar (2017):

When Emily, a struggling baker in a small town, receives a handmade Christmas Calendar from a secret admirer, the local residents become obsessed with finding out the identity of the sender.

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Geostorm (2017):

When the network of satellites designed to control the global climate starts to attack Earth, its a race against the clock to uncover the real threat before a worldwide Geostorm wipes out everything and everyone.

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The Brave S01E09:

The complex world of our bravest military heroes who make personal sacrifices while executing the most challenging and dangerous missions behind enemy lines.

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Lucifer S03E08:

Lucifer takes up residence in Los Angeles.

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Supergirl S03E07:

The adventures of Supermans cousin in her own superhero career.

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