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Thank You for Your Service (2015):

An investigation into the failed mental health policies within the US military and the deadly consequences to the troops.

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McLaren (2016):

The story of Bruce McLaren, the New Zealander who founded the McLaren Motor Racing team. A man who showed the world that a man of humble beginnings could take on the elite of motor racing and win.

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Everglades (2012):

Wildlife documentary which explores the Everglades in Florida. Home to a vast array of wildlife including alligators and manatees, the Everglades National Park was designated in 1979 and covers over 1.5 million acres of land.

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They Call Us Monsters (2016):

Legislators debate legislation that allows for adult charges for juvenile offenders.

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Hungry (2016):

HUNGRY reveals the behind-the-scenes resourcefulness and grit it takes for women chefs and restaurateurs to get a restaurant financed, built, running and promoted in what continues to be a male-dominated field.

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All Governments Lie: Truth, Deception, and the Spirit of I.F. Stone (2016):

A look at the life and work of American journalist, I.F. Stone, who leads a one-man crusade against government deception.

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Out of Iraq (2016):

In 2004, Ramadi was the most dangerous place on earth and the last place anyone would expect to find love. But thats what happened between an Iraqi translator working for the U.S. and an Iraqi soldier.

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Fight for Space (2016):

Fight for Space explores the past, present, and future state of the US Space Program, while making the argument that the exploration of space brings economic and cultural benefits to the ...

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Brewed in Brooklyn (2013):

Sit back, crack open a cold one and see the history of the one time, and perhaps future beer brewing capital of the world, Brooklyn NY.

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Warren Millers Here, There and Everywhere (2016):

For our 67th annual ski and snowboard film, were revisiting some of Warrens favorite places, from Switzerland to Montana, Greenland and everywhere in between, we went where our legacy took us.

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