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The Chaperone (2011):

An ex-con on the run from his criminal past, hides out from those he ratted on by chaperoning a field trip to New Orleans.

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The Odd Life of Timothy Green (2012):

A childless couple bury a box in their backyard, containing all of their wishes for an infant. Soon, a child is born, though Timothy Green is not all that he appears.

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Drink Slay Love (2017):

Pearl is a typical sixteen-year-old vampire. Fond of blood, allergic to the sun, and generally pretty evil. But after a mysterious attack leaves her able to survive in the daylight, ...

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Chingo Bling: They Cant Deport Us All (2017):

On point and larger than life, rapper and stand-up comic Chingo Bling gathers his funniest observations for a rambunctious take on Tex-Mex culture.

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Doug Stanhope: The Comedians Comedians Comedians (2017):

Doug Stanhope has traveled the world and made himself a real comedians comedian, check him out with comedians comedians comedians Brendon Walsh, Morgan Murphy, and Glenn Wool in this comedy special shot during Austin ...

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What to Expect When Youre Expecting (2012):

A look at love through the eyes of five interconnected couples experiencing the thrills and surprises of having a baby, and ultimately coming to understand the universal truth ...

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Ryan Hamilton: Happy Face (2017):

Small-town import Ryan Hamilton charms New York with folksy comic observations on big-city life, hot-air ballooning and going to Disney World alone.

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Pete Johansson: You Might also Enjoy Pete Johansson (2016):

Stand-up comedian Pete Johansson delivers his fierce observational wit on topics, from his love of animals over human, fear of bees to sex.

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Road Kill aka Die Laughing (2017) :

A documentary filmmaker unwittingly becomes entangled in a murder spree of an angry struggling stand up comedian.

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Chronesthesia (2016):

When emotionally isolated barista Dan Duncombe starts receiving strange messages on the inside of his bedroom window, he is forced to become involved with the lives of the people around him...

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