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And Punching the Clown aka Punching Henry (2016):

Hapless satirical songwriter Henry Phillips is lured to LA when a veteran TV producer decides to make a show about the life of a loser.

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A Date for Mad Mary (2016):

Mad Mary McArdle returns to Drogheda after a short spell in prison - for something shed rather forget. Back home, everything and everyone has changed. Her best friend, Charlene, is about...

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Love of My Life (2017):

What if you had only five days to figure out... everything.

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Nick Cannon: Stand Up, Dont Shoot (2017):

Nick Cannon gives us his standup comedy in Stand Up, Dont Shoot, where he discusses society, love, dating, politics and contemporary issues.

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Romeo and Juliet (2014) :

Orlando Bloom and Condola Rashad take on the title characters in a modern adaptation of the timeless classic, Romeo and Juliet. This Broadway stage production is being broadcast in movie theaters.

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Mike Epps: Dont Take It Personal (2015):

Mike Epps tears up the stage at L.A.s historic Orpheum Theatre in a special packed with blistering impressions and unapologetically raunchy swagger.

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Jen Kirkman: Im Gonna Die Alone (And I Feel Fine) (2015):

Jen Kirkmans original comedy special delivers some sharp, hilarious truths about life at 40 as filmed at the North Door in Austin, Texas.

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All of My Heart (2015) :

A young caterers life suddenly changes course when she inherits a country home and learns she must share it with a career-obsessed Wall Street trader.

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Dude, Wheres My Dog?! (2014) :

A young tween named Ray is left at home to watch the family dog, Harry, to prove to his parents that he is not, as they say, irresponsible. But, before he knows it, curious Harry runs out...

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House Party: Tonights the Night (2013) :

A pair of high school rappers have two major goals make music and get hot girls. The best way to get both is to throw the biggest and best house party ever!

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