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The Stone (2011):

A team of soul searchers uncover an ancient Stone and quickly all hell breaks loose as psychological and paranormal activity ensues.

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Exorcismus The Possession Of Amy Evans (2010):

A family allows their young daughters exorcism to be recorded secretly.

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Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010):

In a world ravaged by a virus infection, turning its victims into the Undead, Alice (Jovovich), continues on her journey to find survivors and lead them to safety.

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Hell Fire (2012) :

Meet the Antichrist. Hes been kidnapped by a group of women whove mistaken him for someone else, and now theyre about to find out exactly who theyre messing with. One by one the women ...

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Mary Loss of Soul (2014):

Part of Marys soul has been ripped from her body. After vanishing from her familys lake house, the 15 year-old returns without any memory of the traumatic events she experienced. Even ...

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The Forest (2016):

A woman goes into Japans Suicide Forest to find her twin sister, and confronts supernatural terror.

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The Bride (2015):

Han and Hao are about to get married soon when Hao picks up a strange red envelope on the street and then all hell breaks loose with a vengeful supernatural bride wreaking havoc on his life.

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Apparition of Evil ( 2014 ):

Researcher Emilie Price stumbles across a collection of disturbing evidence of various supernatural incidents.

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The Rohl Farms Haunting (2013):

Two childhood friends, 21 years old, who are trying to create a documentary in Wisconsin, struggle to keep their friendship intact after a string of seemingly paranormal events lead to the ...

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Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (2009):

An origins story centered on the centuries-old feud between the race of aristocratic vampires and their onetime slaves, the Lycans.

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