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The Den (2013) :

A young woman studying the habits of webcam chat users from the apparent safety of her apartment witnesses a brutal murder online and is quickly immersed in a nightmare in which she and her...

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Blood Lake: Attack of the Killer Lampreys (2014) :

Shannen Doherty and Christopher Lloyd star in this thriller about a town on the verge of attack… by killer lampreys. These eel-like fish with 12 rows of razor sharp teeth have emptied ...

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The Damned aka Gallows Hill (2013) :

A family are involved in an accident and take refuge in a secluded inn, where they free a girl locked in a basement without knowing shes an ancient evil.

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Cross Bearer (2012) :

Heather is broke. She has a soul sucking job as a stripper. Her live-in girlfriend Victoria has a baby and a coke problem. Her boss Harry is an abusive maniac. Life cannot get much worse ...

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Torment (2013) :

Newlyweds Cory and Sarah Morgan take Corys 7-year old son Liam up to the country for some much needed family time. When it appears as if Liam has run away, psychological suspense becomes ...

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Oculus (2013) :

A woman tries to exonerate her brother, who was convicted of murder, by proving that the crime was committed by a supernatural phenomenon.

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Seed 2: The New Breed (2014) :

Coming back from her bachelor party in Las Vegas, Christine and her friends are driving through the hot desert of Nevada. But they are not alone - serial killer Max Seed is back ...

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Infliction (2013) :

In 2011, two brothers documented their murder spree in North Carolina. This is the actual assembled footage.

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Tom Hollands Twisted Tales (2014) :

From Master of Horror Tom Holland, comes a brand new horror anthology, TOM HOLLANDS TWISTED TALES.

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Bilocation (2013) :

Shinobu Takamura is an aspiring painter. One day, she is accused of using counterfeit money. Shinobu is confused by the allegation, because she never did such a thing and was at home ...

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