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Heartless (2009):

Jamie Morgan, a young man with a large heart-shaped birthmark on his face, discovers that there are demons on the streets of East London.

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Bombshell Bloodbath (2014) :

Doctor Carter risks everything with each step he takes in resurrecting his recently deceased wife as he infuses his formula, Injection C-900, into the corpses stolen from the local graveyard.

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Spo0K (2013) :

Four amateur parapsychologists travel to an allegedly haunted 14th century castle in Spain to dis-prove the existence of ghosts by demonstrating the existence of residual energies. Team ...

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Beaster Day: Here Comes Peter Cottonhell (2014) :

A giant bloodthirsty Easter bunny starts viciously killing the local townsfolk. When the Mayor refuses to act and the attacks grow more gruesome, the town finds its very survival in ...

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Sick: Survive the Night (2012) :

Two years into the outbreak, the remaining people struggle day to day for survival. With the infected more active at night, three people seek shelter in an empty home, but with supplies scarce ...

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When Animals Dream (2014) :

16-year old Marie lives on a small island with her seriously ill mother and her father, who takes care of the family. But suddenly mysterious deaths happen and Marie can feel something ...

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Breeding Farm (2013) :

After a night of partying, four friends are kidnapped by a mysterious man. The friends wake up in a basement, and realize they are part of something horrifying. A human breeding farm.

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2057: Return to Zombie Island (2013) :

In 2057, a Military Officer played by Annya Bright who is also a Boynton Beach resident, has kidnapped the President and has taken her back to the Island to find the secret to her Super Soldier ...

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Valley of the Witch (2014) :

Dormant spirits have been re-awakened in the Welsh village of Cwmgwrach. Can anyone stop the manifestation of ancient evil? Or is the village fated to pay for its dark history?

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Offspring (2009):

Survivors of a feral flesh-eating clan are chowing their way through the locals. Amy Halbard and Claire...

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