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Zombieworld (2015) :

There is nowhere to hide...nowhere to run...the Zombie Apocalypse has come, and our world now belongs to the dead! From Ireland, Canada, Australia, Europe and all over the U.S., the ...

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Speak No Evil (2013) :

A young mother by the name of Anna desperately tries to regain her daughter from the wicked being that snatched her from her home. Notorious for her sinful past, Annas cries for help ...

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Styria (2014) :

Depicts the intense and fractured relationship between a lonely teenager and a beautiful stranger.

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Gilgamesh (2014) :

A military expedition in Siberia gone wrong. The existence of humanity is in peril as Inanna, Sumerian goddess of lust and war has summoned a giant meteor to destroy the planet, after being accidentally ...

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Eternal Damn Nation (2013) :

At the turn of the 21st Century, the ultimate battle between good and evil begins as a mysterious stranger seeks to protect a small town girl from Satan's infernal minions.

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The Warp (2013) :

An ambitious ghost hunter is hired by a wealthy building owner to investigate a haunted factory, and she contracts a crew of inexperienced workers to research. The crew becomes possessed by...

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Lucifers Angels (2014) :

A thriller filled with classic horror elements that focuses on 3 different parties, whom all eventually cross each others paths in a remote area of the Catskill Mountains. A group of four ...

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The Coven (2015) :

In Highgate London, five young teenagers hoping to witness Pagan activity, camp in historic Queens Wood on Halloween but soon discover they are part of the ritual when a mysterious Biker hunts them down.

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Science Team (2014) :

A battle between a young man, his dead mother, a telepathic space alien, and a bureaucratic government organization.

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Day of the Mummy (2014) :

In hope of getting his hands on the famed diamond known as the Codix Stone, Jack Wells joins a group of archaeologists out to explore a newly discovered tomb in Egypt, that of the cursed ...

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