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Michiel de Ruyter aka Admiral (2015) :

When the young republic of The Netherlands is attacked by England, France and Germany and the country itself is on the brink of civil war, only one man can lead the countys strongest weapon ...

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Rivers 9 (2015) :

When a Native American casino controlled by the mob begins to destroy a close-knit rural town, a band of lovable low-tech misfits hatch a plan to beat them at their own game by pulling off an audacious casino heist.

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A Very British Gangster: Part 2 (2011):

A VERY BRITISH GANGSTER 2 delves back into the murky and brutal world of organised crime and one of its most notorious families.Picking up from the moment Dominic Noonan is released from prison ...

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The Runner (2015) :

In the aftermath of the 2010 BP oil spill, an idealistic but flawed politician is forced to confront his dysfunctional life after his career is destroyed in a sex scandal.

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Vendetta (2015) :

A detective pushed beyond his limits will stop at nothing for vengeance. When his wife is killed by a criminal that he put away, Mason, a hard-nosed detective, deliberately gets arrested in order to get revenge.

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Fire Twister (2015) :

When a mysterious orb of light strikes a deep water oil rig, the massive explosion erupts into a ball of flames creating a swirling mass of clouds and fire. As the twister begins to move ...

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A Darker Fifty Shades: The Fetish Set (2015):

Four women gather at a yearly fetish convention in South Texas. Mai, the loving mother who recently began work as a fetish model. Jo, the adrenaline junkie porn star drawn between her new ...

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War Pigs (2015) :

A rag tag unit of misfits known as the War Pigs must go behind enemy lines to exterminate Nazis by any means necessary.

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D-Day Lost Films (2014):

Presents this world-changing week through the personal accounts of soldiers on both sides, focusing on three specific units: the American 1st Division at Omaha Beach, the American 507th Paratroopers ...

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Barely Lethal (2015) :

A teenage special ops agent coveting a normal adolescence fakes her own death and enrolls in a suburban high school. She quickly learns that surviving the treacherous waters of high school ...

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