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The Butcher (2009) :

For nearly twenty years after his boxing career ended Merle Hench works for Murdoch, the capo of a San Fernando mob outfit.Merle spends his days cracking heads and collecting ...

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Bloody Fight in Iron-Rock Valley (2011) :

When Chul-Ki was young his family was killed. Now as an adult, Chul-Ki is released from prison after serving 12 years. His plan for revenge is set to begin ...

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Empire State (2013) :

A drama centered on two childhood friends who plan to rob an armored car depository, and the NYPD officer who stands in their way.

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Locked Down (2010):

Danny, a respected cop, is setup after an investigation goes wrong. While laying low in his new jail cell, Danny is forced to get involved in the inmates underground cage fighting circuit.

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The Resistance (2011):

In 1937, Japan began their invasion of China by murdering over 300,000 people in the capital of Nanjing. The atrocities committed against women and their daughters are especially barbaric. ...

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Switch (2013) :

In search of an ancient Chinese scroll, a Chinese agent battles against Japanese Yakuzas and British mercenaries.

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Redemption aka Hummingbird (2013) :

Homeless and on the run from a military court martial, a damaged ex-special forces soldier navigating Londons criminal underworld seizes an opportunity to assume another mans identity ....

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Bite of the Living Dead (2011) :

World-renowned herpetologist Joe Slowinski is bitten by a juvenile krait while on expedition in Burma. Rani has also been bitten by a krait in a rural Indian village.The kraits venom ...

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The Return of Joe Rich (2011) :

Joe believed in right and wrong until... His job outsourced to India. His teaser rate spiked. His wife bailed. But Joe has a get it all back, and more. Joe returns home, to the ...

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Absolute Deception (2013) :

A widowed reporter recruits the help of a federal agent to investigate her late husbands secrets,but the two become the target of unknown attackers.

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