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Free Fall (2014) :

When the sudden and shocking death of a coworker sends everyone reeling at Gault Capital, JANE, uncovers a very dangerous secret. Her boss, charismatic billionaire Thaddeus Gault, is ...

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Hercules (2014) :

Having endured his legendary twelve labors, Hercules, the Greek demigod, has his life as a sword-for-hire tested when the King of Thrace and his daughter seek his aid in defeating a tyrannical warlord.

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Montana (2014) :

In the mean streets of Londons East End, a former Serbian commando and a fourteen-year old boy plot revenge against a powerful crime lord and his ruthless lieutenants. As our heroes ...

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Narx (2011) :

Big Ed has the entire New York City Police Department after him and his organization. Alex Mazze a real NYPD undercover (ret.) plays Mazze who is assigned to NARX, the NYPD Unit ...

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The Prince (2014) :

A retired assassin is drawn back into the life he gave up when his daughter is kidnapped. To rescue her, he must confront his former rival.

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Persecuted (2014) :

An evangelist finds himself framed for murder and on the run after he refuses to back a senators proposition calling for sweeping religious reform.

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To Kill a Beaver (2012):

A man returns home after a long time. The house is in a bad shape, ruined with graffiti on walls, but it doesnt stop him from staying in. The man has an aim that requires complex ...

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The Black Rider: Revelation Road (2014) :

The Rapture has come and gone. In its wake, a wasteland filled with desperate bandits. Josh McManus, a drifter with a knack for fighting, must find the mysterious Shepherd - a dangerous ...

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Beyond Justice aka Throwdown (2014) :

A young criminal defense attorney struggles with a homicide case that is not as cut and dry as it appears while battling a drinking habit. The story goes beyond the lives of those directly ...

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My Name Is Paul (2013) :

Caught between The Way and the World. Paul blinded by hate and intent on destruction is determined to find and kill Peter, the enemy of his Leader.

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