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Sector 4: Extraction (2014):

An elite band of mercenaries is caught behind enemy lines and left for dead. When their mission leader escapes war torn Sector 4, he pledges to return, leaving No One Left Behind.

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Heropanti (2014) :

Rising from present India in the conflicting era of shining modernity and deep-rooted archaic traditions in the era of big city versus small towns, comes a love story sealed with an ...

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Tekken: A Man Called X aka Tekken 2 : Kazuyas Revenge (2014) :

Suffering from amnesia, a young man trying to discover his true identity is kidnapped by an underground crime organization and turned into a ruthless assassin.

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Dadnapped (2009):

Melissa has a bad case of sibling rivalry, only her competition is a fictional character in her fathers best-selling novel about a teenage super spy...

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Killers (2014) :

A psychopathic Japanese executive accidentally triggers a journalists dark side. They begin to connect over the Internet and make a complicated bond.

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Plastic (2014) :

Sam and Fordy run a credit card fraud scheme, but when they steal from the wrong man, they find themselves threatened by sadistic gangster. They need to raise 5m and pull off a daring ...

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Abduction (2011):

A thriller centered on a young man who sets out to uncover the truth about his life after finding his baby photo on a missing persons website.

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Dooomsday Party (2013) :

On one fateful day, five strangers lives will intertwine together from a bank heist where the robbers are armed with bombs. We will meet a misunderstood college dropout, a bank clerk whos...

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April Rain (2014) :

When an eclectic group of terrorists plot to attack the United States from within, its up to a quasi-military special investigative unit to identify, infiltrate and neutralize the threat.

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Z Storm (2014) :

This is a story about the biggest financial fraud attempted in Hong Kong, directed at the Government of Hong Kong and involved all 7 million Hong Kong citizens... no one is free from the ...

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