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Brotherhood of Blades (2014):

Set in the late Ming Dynasty, Brotherhood of Blades tells of three close friends who serve as Jinyiwei guards. They are dispatched by a palace eunuch to hunt down Wei Zhongxian ...

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Operation Rogue (2014) :

Deep in the jungles of Southeast Asia, a terrorist organization has stolen materials to create a dangerous chemical bomb. It is up to Captain Max Randall and his team of Marines ...

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The Tournament (2009):

Every seven years in an unsuspecting town, The Tournament takes place. A battle royale between 30 of the worlds deadliest assassins...

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Kite (2014) :

When her cop father is killed, a young woman tracks the murder with the apparent help of his ex-partner.

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Sniper: Legacy (2014) :

A rogue assassin is taking out military leaders Brandon gets word that his father is one. He tries to track down the killer, finds out that dad isn't dead and realizes that his ...

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A Good Man (2014) :

After an illustrious special ops career ends in disaster, Alexander (Seagal) goes off the grid and attempts to lead a quiet life as a handyman at an apartment complex. But when one of his ...

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Plastic (2014) :

Sam and Fordy run a credit card fraud scheme, but when they steal from the wrong man, they find themselves threatened by sadistic gangster. They need to raise 5m and pull off a daring ...

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The Perfect Sleep (2009):

Against the backdrop of a noirish dreamscape, a tortured man returns to the city he swore he would never return to...

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Crosstown aka Greencard Warriors (2013) :

The tragic struggle of an undocumented Latino family in Los Angeles after they have sent their eldest son to war.

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The Hornets Nest (2014) :

Armed only with their cameras, Peabody and Emmy Award-winning conflict Journalist Mike Boettcher, and his son, Carlos, provide unprecedented access into the longest war in U.S. history.

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