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Big Game (2014) :

A young teenager camping in the woods helps rescue the President of the United States when Air Force One is shot down near his campsite.

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Terms and Conditions aka Assassins Game (2015) :

When a team of assassins botches a hit, legendary hitman Vet Jones gets an ultimatum from his former boss - kill the target or his son dies.

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18.11 - A Code of Secrecy (2014):

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Deadtime (2013) :

A daughters discovery of her fathers heinous criminal organization thrusts her into a dark world, fighting for her life against hit men assigned to silence her. Against such assassins ...

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Blood First (2014) :

Two brothers love and loyalty to one another is tested by the code of the streets.

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The Ninja Immovable Heart (2014) :

Reeve is a member of an elite covert group thought not to exist anymore, he is captured, beaten and brutally tortured, by the very Governments he used to work for. With the help of his old ...

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Parallels (2015) :

A mysterious building is the gateway to infinite parallel Earths.

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Samurai Avenger: The Blind Wolf (2009):

Blind Swordsman vs. Seven Assassins. A classic tale of revenge. Set in nowhere, no time, this bloody modern day fable is a new age hybrid action film with a classic samurai essence and a spaghetti western spirit.

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Elephant White (2011):

A mercenary in Thailand is engaged by a 14 year old girl who gives his life a new meaning.

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Tracers (2015) :

Wanted by the mafia, a new York City bike messenger escapes into the world of parkour after meeting a beautiful stranger.

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