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The Cat Funeral (2015):

Indie musician Dong-hoon and cartoonist Jae-hee broke up a year ago. The former couple meet again after the death of the cat they owned together, and go on a nights trip to hold a funeral for their pet.

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Saints and Strangers (2015) :

Story of the Voyage of the Mayflower and the first year of The Pilgrims in America.

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Stand Clear of the Closing Doors (2013) :

The story of an autistic youth named Ricky who, after a particularly difficult day at school, escapes into the subways. Its here that he starts his real journey, on a days-long voyage of ...

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West (2013):

She Can See Her Future, But Cant Escape Her Past.

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After Words (2015) :

A librarian facing a mid-life crisis travels to Costa Rica.

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Cest Si Bon (2015):

Oh Geun-tae (JUNG Woo) is a country boy with a booming baritone who is discovered by aspiring singer-songwriter Lee Jang-hui (JIN Goo) and thrust into the bustling world of Seouls iconic ...

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Buttercup Bill (2014) :

Buttercup Bill is the psycho-sexual romance of Patrick and Pernilla- mutually obsessed soul mates clinging to childhood secrets. Closer to twins separated at birth than friends or lovers, ...

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99 Homes (2014) :

A father struggles to get back the home that his family was evicted from by working for the greedy real estate broker whos the source of his frustration.

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Soft Lad (2015) :

A young man involved in a love affair that will change his life forever, whilst his lover wrestles his demons on a journey that will force him to come to terms with his sexuality, leaving lives destroyed in the wake.

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Christmas Oranges (2012) :

Experience the journey of Rose, an orphan who teaches the meaning of hope to all those around her. Share a slice of Christmas sweetened with friendship in this poignant story based on a classic holiday tale.

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