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House of Bodies (2013) :

A detective works to solve a case involving a young deaf boy and a web site thats run out of a home that once belonged to a serial killer.

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Karar: The Deal (2014) :

Karar The Deal showcases the lives of two women intertwined by their love for a man ...

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A Most Wanted Man (2014) :

A Chechen Muslim illegally immigrates to Hamburg, where he gets caught in the international war on terror.

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Lords of London aka Lost in Italy (2014) :

Man wakes up in Italy and doesnt know why or how.

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Joker Rising ( 2013 ) :

The dark and gritty story of where the Joker came from and how he became the villain that he is today.

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Default (2014) :

A news crew is taken hostage on an airplane set to take off from the Seychelles by a gang of Somali pirates whose leader is driven by one goal: to be interviewed by a prominent member of the crew...

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A Wardens Ransom (2015) :

The new female warden of a high-security prison faces challenges when an inmate puts up a bounty to anyone who can break him out of jail.

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Jinn (2014) :

Shawn, an automotive designer, enjoys an idyllic life with his new wife Jasmine until it is interrupted by a cryptic message. The message warns of imminent danger and a curse that has ...

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Big Driver (2014) :

A famous mystery writer sets out for revenge after a brutal attack.

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A Hard Day (2014) :

Detective Go Geon-soo is having a hard day, and the following events happen to him in less than 24 hours: He receives a divorce notice from his wife. His mother passes away. He and his ...

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