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Kindergarten Cop 2 (2016):

Assigned to recover sensitive stolen data, a gruff FBI agent goes undercover as a kindergarten teacher, but the schools liberal, politically correct environment is more than he bargained for.

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The Secret Handshake (2015):

Men and boys learn together what it takes to be a man.

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My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (2016):

A Portokalos family secret brings the beloved characters back together for an even bigger and Greeker wedding.

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Why Stop Now (2012):

When a college piano prodigy tries to check his mother into rehab, he is taken hostage by her drug dealer and swept along on a wild adventure.

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Raising the Bar (2016):

16-year-old Kelly quits an elite gymnastics program and moves to Australia. To help out a new friend and show up an old rival she re-enters competitive gymnastics, shell have to find a way...

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Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3: Viva La Fiesta! (2012):

When Papi and co move into a luxurious hotel, his youngest pup Rosa feels neglected and he must show her how special she is.

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Safety First: The Movie (2015):

Security team Safety First accepts its biggest challenge so far: guarding the famous electronic music festival Tomorrowland.

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Dirty Grandpa (2016):

Right before his wedding, an uptight guy is tricked into driving his grandfather, a lecherous former Army Lieutenant-Colonel, to Florida for spring break.

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Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 (2011):

Chloe and Papi return to Beverly Hills, where they are married and become the proud parents of five remarkably mischievous puppies, while Sam Cortez must fight to keep his parents from being evicted from their home.

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Hello, My Name Is Doris (2015):

A self-help seminar inspires a sixty-something woman to romantically pursue her younger co-worker.

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