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May Story (2009):

On May 18,1980,the Gwangju Uprising broke out against South Koreas military dictatorship.In 2008,the city of Gwangju staged a mass re-enactment of the events that are now celebrated as a milestone of South Korea's quest for democracy.

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Sex Drive (2008):

A high school senior drives cross-country with his best friends to hook up with a babe he met online.

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An American in China (2008):

Aimlessly cruising through his first post-Stanford University summer, 22 year old David Braddock finds himself in China where he meets Mei, an ambitious young girl who urges him to find his life's direction.

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Amateur Sex-a-Thon (2010) XXX:

These sluts in training are ready to take a XXX endurance test in sucking and fucking! With all these newbie nyphos getting nailed and impaled, you'll be begging for a time out from the non-stop hardcore sex-a-thon action!

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Made for Each Other (2009):

The best part of any marriage is consummating it. However after 3 months of a sexless marriage Dan, in a moment of weakness...

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Dream Boy (2008):

Chronicles the relationship between two gay teenagers in the rural south in the late 70's.

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Rock Slyde (2009):

A down and out private detective engages in a turf war with a upstart quasi-religious cult.

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Detective Conan: The Raven Chaser (2009):

The police superintendent, disguised by black suits (IRish), checked that Conan and Shinichi are 98% identical! Conan is getting into danger...

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Golden Slumber (2010):

When easy-going Aoyagi meets an old friend for a fishing trip, he ends up drugged, framed for the Prime Minister's assassination, and on the run from corrupt cops.

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Cum Draining Whores (2010) XXX:

The difference between a country girl and a whore is that a country girl milks a cow for something to drink while a whore milks a guy for money - And that's damn good money spent!

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